Principal's Message

Tuesday, June 16, 2015 - 13:44

 HI everyone

 Here is the exam schedule for all students; All exams will be written during the morning time slot .   All exams start at   9:15 a.m. START 

 Wednesday, June 17 Period  2

Thursday, June 18  Period 3

Friday ,June 19 Period 1

Monday, June 22 period 4

Tuesday ,June 23  -Performance-based summative, missed examinations, and Student Success

credit recovery. Teachers will be available 9:00 am- 3:10 pm.

 Wednesday June 24, 25 ,26 are Profession activity days there are no classes for students.

If you are unable to write the final exam, you must have your parent/guardian phone the office and advise the office staff of the circumstances.  In the case of illness or injury, a doctor’s certificate will be required. If you have any question please do not hesitate to call our School office.


 Mr. Walker


Tuesday, June 16, 2015 - 09:09

 HI all 

 Here is an update from the Director of Education.


There have been many questions raised about the OCDSB decision to issue Letters 

of Promotion for students in JK to grade 7 in place of report cards.  This was a very 

difficult decision and one that was made with careful consideration of the facts, the 

volume of work, and the prioritization of that work.

The OCDSB is one of only two school districts where both elementary and secondary 

teachers are involved in legal strike action. Some districts experienced a full 

withdrawal of service at the secondary level. Fortunately, we have only had to deal 

with a partial withdrawal of service, which has been good for student learning, but it 

creates a false expectation of “business as usual”.  That cannot be the case when 

4600 teachers withdraw some administrative duties; that work falls to the 239 

principals and vice principals in our schools.  

As part of the strike action, teachers were directed by their unions not to perform the 

following tasks:

 Report card comments – teachers will submit marks only, no comments;

 Report card data entry – teachers will submit marks, but will not enter the 

marks in our data system; 

 Template for mark submission – teachers will not use a template or common 

format for the submission of marks which would facilitate inputting of data 

and/or communication with parents;

 Filing of Student Records – elementary teachers will not file required 

documentation into the Ontario Student Record (OSR), including report cards, 

French minutes of instruction, Individual Education Plans (IEPs); and

 Meetings/Professional activity days – teachers will not meet with principals to 

discuss student progress; no  parent interviews to discuss student progress; 

no professional learning or training arranged by the principal or district; no 

completion of O‎SRs; only self-directed activities.

This is a considerable amount of work which can’t be reassigned to other unionized 

employees, and these other unions will not support the hiring of casual employees to 

do the work.  In addition the Ministry has determined that no additional funds will be 

provided to school districts to cover the cost of this work, which we estimate to be in 

excess of $500,000. As a result, the school district had to make some decisions 

about how to prioritize the work that can be accomplished by the 239 principals and 

vice principals and by the union exempt staff who are providing additional central 

support to schools during this challenging time.

So, what work are we doing?

 Grade 12 Graduation Ceremonies – We wanted to ensure that all schools 

could proceed with grade 12 graduation ceremonies.  To make this happen, 

we are relying on principals, vice principals and other union exempt staff to put 

aside all other duties and assist with the mark entry for grade 12 students.  

There are two days between exams and graduation ceremonies. 

 Grade 12 Post Secondary Mark Submission – All grade 12 final marks must be 

submitted for post-secondary applications no later than July 3 to enable 

students to meet their entrance requirements for college and university. We 

will meet this requirement.

 Course Failures in Grades 9 to 12 - Secondary teachers and guidance 

counselors have been directed by their union not to be communicating with 

students and parents.‎ Principals and Vice Principals will contact every student 

(and the parent) who has failed a course to allow for application to summer 

school that begins on July 2. Our priority will be to notify students in those 

courses which are offered in summer school followed by all other courses.

 Report Cards Grades 9 to 11 - are required to ensure students have 

completed courses in a grade before entering the subsequent course in the 

next grade. Principals, vice principals and/or other union exempt staff will input 

these final marks. There are 94,000 data fields of marks for secondary schools 

in the OCDSB.

 Report Cards for Grade 8s - are important to students and parents as they 

make course choices entering into secondary school. Principals, vice 

principals and/or union exempt staff will ‎input these final marks and generate 

report cards for grade 8 students. There are 28 data fields on an elementary 

report card – for grade 8 alone this represents 127,736 fields of data entry.

 Letters of Promotion for JK to Grade 7: this legal document will be prepared 

centrally and signed by the school principal. Principals and vice principals will 

send the letters home to parents.

 Filing Ontario Student Record Documentation (OSRs) - principals, vice 

principals and/or central support  will ensure that all legal documents are filed 

‎in the OSR and will transfer OSRs for students who are moving to another 

school.  There are 48,000 OSRs at the elementary level.

Our preference would be to issue report cards for all students, but the task of 

inputting another 1.3 million fields of data to generate report cards for students in JK 

to grade 7 is beyond our capacity at this time.

We understand that parents and students want access to information about marks.  

We know that teachers have access to that information.  Unfortunately, because we 

don’t know what format that information will be in when principals receive it, we don’t 

know how easily it will be to share it with parents.  Over the course of this week, all 

elementary marks should be submitted to principals.  We will be working with 

principals to sort through that information and to develop strategies to support the 

sharing of that information if possible.  Your patience as we work through this 

situation is greatly appreciated.

We understand that there are many questions and we’ve been trying to answer those 

questions as best we can.  I encourage you to read our FAQ’s. We remain committed 

to providing the most up to date information about strike action.



Tuesday, June 9, 2015 - 16:21


 Dear Parent and Guardians

Re; EQAO exams


This year is unusual for us as the labor climate has caused teachers to rethink how they are preparing to address matters surrounding the final evaluation of their students, using their best professional judgment to inform their decisions. From my conversations with staff  in the building, this also appears to be the case for teachers considering their approach to using the EQAO assessments with our Grade 9 students this June 2015. While I appreciate how some staff may want to use the EQAO assessment differently this semester, I am not in a position to support any approach that falls outside of the norms and protocols that the province has set for its use in schools.  


To this end we will not be conducting the EQAO exams this year for GR. 9 students in Math. All other summative, school  and board wide exams will continue as usual. Please contact me at the school should you have any questions .


 Mr. Walker  



Friday, June 5, 2015 - 15:48

Our end-of-year exams will run June 17-23, 2015.  All exams begin at 9:15am.  Please note that students do not need to attend school on days when they do not have an exam scheduled although quiet study spaces will be made available for students who choose to come.  To access the exam schedule, please click HERE.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015 - 09:21

Last March during a speech by OSSTF’s provincial union president Paul Elliott, we learned that 

our District was one of seven school districts identified for local strike action as part of a broader 

labour relations strategy.  We have always been committed to negotiating fair and fully funded 

local agreements and we have continued local bargaining in good faith.  

Throughout this process, we have focused our efforts on keeping students in their classrooms 

and keeping students and parents informed of any strike action.

In May, the union began a partial withdrawal of service affecting tasks which were described as 

administrative.  Last week, secondary school teachers received further clarification about the 

withdrawal of services and how it may be implemented.  We are now beginning to see the 

impact of the service withdrawal.  It goes beyond administrative duties and may have a 

significant impact on our students. 

While students will still be in their classrooms, parents and students will be noticing some 

changes as a result of the service withdrawals.  The union has advised its members that as part 

of the strike action, individual teachers can use their professional judgment to decide how to 

complete certain job duties.  The exercise of professional judgment without consistent system 

direction means that the impact of the service withdrawal may be different by school and by 


There are five major areas where students and parents may notice changes.

 Final Exams/Summatives - final grades of secondary students are based on term work 

(70%) and the final evaluations (30%).  Teachers communicate the evaluation plan to 

students and parents as part of the course outline which is distributed at the beginning 

of the term. The union has provided direction to its members that as part of struck work, 

each teacher can use professional judgment to determine whether or not to continue 

with the planned evaluation tasks. We asked teachers to communicate any changes to 

their principal, but the union has advised teachers not to communicate with principals 

on this matter. Principals will do their best to post information about any changes to 

exam schedules on the school website.  Students and parents should contact the 

teacher for further clarification.

 Report cards - final grades are entered into the District’s student data system by 

teachers prior to the end of the school year.  As part of struck work, the local union has 

directed their members not to enter marks. This will result in a delay in report cards for 

secondary students. The mark entry will have to be undertaken by principals, vice-

principals, and supervisors (current and retired). Our priorities for mark entry will be 

grade 12 students (to ensure completion of post-secondary applications) and students 

in any grade who have failed a course (to allow for summer school applications by the 

July 2 start date). All other report cards will be delayed.

 Graduation/Commencement ceremonies - The receipt of final grades is a critical 

component for the preparation of graduation ceremonies. The local union has informed 

its members that they may continue to participate in graduation ceremonies to celebrate 

their students’ accomplishments.  However, the delay in mark entry as a result of the 

service withdrawal will be problematic in terms of informing decisions about academic 

awards.  We are hopeful that teachers will submit grades in a timely manner so that 

mark entry can be completed and academic awards can be presented to students at the 

graduation ceremonies. If not, academic award recipients will be notified at a later date.

 Credit Rescue/Credit Recovery - When a student is experiencing difficulty meeting the 

learning expectations in a course, a credit rescue/recovery report is prepared by the 

classroom teacher and submitted to the Student Success teacher in order to ensure the 

provision of additional support for the specific learning needs of the student.  Our data 

shows that approximately half of all students with failing grades at the midterm can be 

successful by the end of the term.  The local union has provided direction to its 

members not to fill out credit rescue/recovery forms for their students in need. 

Nonetheless, our District’s expectation is that our teachers will, at a minimum, provide 

verbal guidance to Student Success teachers so that our most vulnerable learners 

receive the targeted support they need.

 Grade 9 Provincial Math Assessment - Across the province, secondary schools 

administer the EQAO Grade 9 Provincial Mathematics Assessment between May 28 

and June 14.  In most school districts, this provincial assessment is also used as a 

summative task that counts toward the 30% final mark as it measures learning related 

to the grade 9 course curriculum. The local union has provided direction that teachers 

can decide whether their class will participate in the provincial assessment this year.  As 

a District we believe that provincial assessments are an important source of data on 

student achievement.  However, if individual teachers decide not to participate, their 

students and parents will not receive their individual student reports; as well, school and 

district level reports may not be available.  

We have incredible teachers in the OCDSB who, on a daily basis, make important educational 

decisions on behalf of the students in their care.  Like other professionals, we as educators work 

within parameters established by the government, by our employer, and by the standards of 

practice established by our own professional college. Without that structure, it becomes very 

difficult for us to ensure that all students in the District are treated fairly.

Our principals, vice-principals, managers, and supervisors will do their best to maintain stability 

for our students until the end of the school year. Unfortunately, at this time, I cannot guarantee 

the consistency of practice that parents have come to expect within our schools and across our 

District. But I can guarantee that we will keep students and parents informed of any strike action 

that affects students directly.

Thank you to everyone -- students, parents, teachers, and administrators -- for your patience 

during this challenging time. We look forward to having locally bargained collective agreements 

that will allow our focus to return to teaching and learning, where it should be.


Jennifer Adams 

In the Spotlight

Saturday, February 7, 2015 - 12:48

Some important dates...

Friday Feb 6 - Semester I report cards sent home

Thursday Feb 12 - Course Selection Information Fair (all day, Cafeteria)

Thursday Feb 12 - Meet-the-Teacher Event (5:00-7:00pm)

Friday Feb 13 - PA Day (no classes for students)

Monday Feb 16 - Family Day (no classes)

Wed Feb 25 - Black History Month Assembly (time TBD)

If you have any questions about upcoming events, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Friday, January 23, 2015 - 10:27

Over the next few weeks, students will be selecting their courses for the 2015-2016 school year.  Yes, it's that time of year already!

Guidance Counsellors and our Student Success Team will be distributing option sheets to all current students during early February.  To assist with course selection, students are encouraged to speak with their parents, teachers, Guidance Counsellors and our Guidance Services Assistant, Ms. Wilson.  Information about Rideau's course offerings for next year can be found by clicking here.  You will find a link to the online Secondary Course Guide as well as helpful tips and advice.

Course selection must be completed by all students no later than February 20, 2015.

Monday, May 26, 2014 - 13:49

Rideau Rams save a piece of Ottawa history

Read the full Ottawa Citizen May 23, 2014 article and view the video

"The Rideau High School shop students have since September spent about 1,300 class hours helping an existing group of volunteers, by fashioning wood and metal items, such as hinges, doors and window frames, for the restoration of the 600-series streetcar."

Rideau’s involvement has been a boon to the restoration group, but the restoration project has benefits beyond learning metal- and woodworking skills for the students.


Saturday, September 14, 2013 - 15:23

Watch the Video below for information for International Students

Rideau HS Galleries